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Insured Professional Senior
and Specialty Move Managers

Our Carolina based team specializes in moves and relocations that need extra care and thought. Many life events require us to address years of personal belongings, and we might be looking to relocate, downsize, organize, sort or sell. It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. Maybe you don't know where to start, or the right way to sort through a lifetime of memories. 

This is where right-sizing comes in. What is right-sizing? There comes a time when our current living situation no longer fits our needs and a change is required. We use the term rightsizing to describe the process of addressing the current state of your home and belongings and creating a plan to sort through and organize everything to fit your new home or lifestyle.

Our Team.

Friends since 1999, Lynn and Kris are locals who are ready to help you or your family members tackle everything that comes with big life changes. Fully trained, specializing in senior move management, decluttering, organization, packing, unpacking, and overall planning. As members of NASMM we are held to a strict code of conduct and quality. 


Contact Lynn: 803-370-2715

Contact Kris: 803-389-8667


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